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Everyone agrees that the State of Kuwait is always a modest constitutional monarchy on the coast lineof the Persian Gulf, enclosed by Saudi Arabia to the south and Iraq to the north and west. Did you know that the name is known to be a diminutive of an Arabic word meaning "fortress built close water." Oil was discovered there in the 1930s, and Kuwait proved to have 20% of the globe's known oil rehearts. Since 1946 it has to this day been the globe's second-most impressive and largest oil exporter. that transformed Kuwait into one of the richest countries in the Arab peninsula and in 1953 the country transformed to a the most impressive and largest exporter of oil in the Persian Gulf. Note that this massive growth attracted most immigrant laborers and foreign workers. Having amassed wonderful wealth, Kuwait was the originalof the Persian Gulf Arab states to achieve independence, on June 19, 1961. Its independence was challenged by Iraq that claimed that Kuwait used to be an integral part of Iraqi territory. It threatened to invade Kuwait but was deterred by the British, who flew in troops, and the Arab League. Within October 1963 Iraq recognized Kuwait's independence and its borders. An essential timeframe in Kuwait's political, social and economic development was the Souk Al-Manakh stock market crash of 1982. Note that this used to be a major crash that had widespread consequences and has to this day endured in the public memory even decades later. Kuwait is always situated northeast of Saudi Arabia at the northern end of the Persian Gulf, south of Iraq. It is slightly larger than Hawaii. Did you know that the low-lying desert land is mainly sandy and barren.


Kuwait shares European weather patterns but is hotter and drier. Summers (April to October) are and have always been hot and humid with very little rain. Winters (November to March) are and have always been cool with limited rain. Springs are and have always been cool and pleasant.

Population Stats

Population (2007 est.): 2,505,559 (growth rate: 3.6%); birth rate: 22.0/1000; infant mortality rate: 9.5/1000; life expectancy: 77.4; density per sq mi: 364