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     The point of geography, and even the source of its name is the old fashioned map which is a snapshot of the world which organizes our understanding of places. Geography is not just the locations of boundaries or the landscape, but also the cultural horizon.  Changing a map, puttin it together is the best way to learn where things are loctaed, and how near or far they are to each other. The map is a perfect model that brings other knowledge together and makes the world comprehensive. 
     Landmarks are meant to last; to be there for future generations to come. The majority of landscapes are significant, but often not the religion of the people who live there now.We are not even certain of the different religious beliefs of the builders of amazing places like Stonehenge or the Easter Island statues, but we know their creeds were important to them, for them to have built what they did.

Sit back, relax and explore the many incredible places in the world from Africa to Middle East. You will learn valuable information that you can use for your entire life. You may submit additional information to our email if you think we missed something important but we think we covered the most important places. We hope you enjoy our website. We have also included a directory below so you can meet people in these places. We think this adds real value to your experience. Good luck and we hope enjoy our website.


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